jayson brillantes

(jj guy of the month, september)

Jayson Brillantes was born under the astrological sign of Cancer. According to his friends and family, he possesses most of the typical aspects of those people under this water sign. To wit:

Cancer guys are simple, mabait at hindi mayabang. They are sensitive to the feelings of people he cares about, people around him. Ganito si Jayson, they say.

Cancer guys are friendly, to the point that some people mistake them to be flirty with the opposite sex. But don’t let that fools you. Cancer guys, like Jayson, are loyal to the one they love. Madami magkaka-crush kay Jayson, may mga mai-inlove, but Jayson knows kung sino ang totoo nyang mahal. And he sticks to her.

But beware girls! As Jayson himself said, he can forgive, but he doesn’t forget (Yikes!) kaya behave dapat kayo hehe

Jayson is makulet in his own way, may sense of humor, masaya kasama but he has his other side too, na magaling makinig sa kwento at problema ng iba. And like the animal crab, with which the sign Cancer is known for, most Cancer guys are attached to their home, to their family. Importante sa kanila ang kanilang tirahan at ang pamilya. And this is evidenced by Jayson’s closeness to her sister.

Jayson studied highschool in SMPS, class of 2000, then went on to AMA Computer Learning Center. He likes basketball, billiards, action and love story movies.

And yes, he is single but girls, you have to wait a little longer because he is in a US Army base in Baghdad Iraq right now, working as a transport logistic supervisor.