Dickie Domingo

(jj person of the month, august)

Educators, the people who impart knowledge that pushes civilization forward, are the noblest human being amongst us. We are who we are because of those people, our school teachers, our parents, the elderly man of the village, who teach us what we need to know in order to be a productive part of a community we are all a part of. I have always had great respect for educators.

That is why I admire Mam Dickie Domingo, the woman behind John Paul Integrated Montessori School of Jalajala. JPIMS was established in our town about a decade ago but they have already produced very promising young men and women who, no doubt, will achieve their full potentials. Thanks, in large part, to the school they studied in, which imparts in them the solid educational foundation that these JPIMS alumni and current students will need as they traverse whichever life path they might choose. It's no wonder that she is also raising her own wonderful kids who adores her and consider her as the greatest mom in the world.

Mam Dickie is not only an educator to these JPIMS kids but also a friend, a confidante, a second mother away from home, a disciplinarian, a protector, a nurturer, that is why students who have stepped outside the JPIMS gate into the outside world still find their way going back to Mam Dickie and the JPIMS, may it be in person or thru the click of their computer mouse.

Mam Dickie attended Rizal High School in Pasig City (batch 77) and continues her studies in Colegio del Buen Consejo and Rizal Technological University. She likes Enya songs, bossanova, classical/broadway and christian songs.

She may not hail originally from Jalajala but Mam Dickie is as much a part of Jalajala as you and me because of the work she is doing in shaping Jalajala kids and the future generation.