Mylene Garcia

(featureg JJ girl of the week Oct. 8 - 14, 2007)

First off, a happy birthday to Myles, as what her friends call her. Birthday nya ng Oct. 10.

Nasa Dubai si Myles right now, dun sya nagtatrabaho since last year. Pero kung nasa Jalajala siya, malamang nagpainom na sya sa kanyang mga barkada. According to my source who wishes to remain anonymous, peborit nyang drink ang Colt beer. Doble ang saya kapag Colt ang humahagod sa lalamunan and my source said that whether drunk or not, Myles will always be the life of the party. She is known to hold impromptu music concerts during their drinking sessions. She can be seen and heard belching out Aegis’ “Luha”.

To best describe Myles, isipin nyo na lang si Rufa Mae Quinto in every aspect (Go! Go! Go! Hehehe)

Mylene is also a romantic. She is in love with the concept of being in love. She falls in love easily but yet, her friends haven’t recall a single time she cried because of a guy. She’s also driven. Almost anything she sets her mind on, she gets. Pero sa mga sinasabi kong ito, mahirap pa ding i-describe si Myles dahil ayon sa source ko, very secretive itong girl na ito. If most girls like to emote, iba si Myles. Sya yun real description ng "di-pahuhuli-ng-buhay".

Mylene studied in Jalajala Elementary School then in SMPS. She took up Accountancy in Lyceum College of the Philippines where she graduated in 1999.

Ayon sa Friendster nya, single daw sya. Pero ewan ko lang, drawing kasi minsan si Myles hahahaha