Maria Therese Bassig

featured jj girl of the month, may

Si Wu Chun. Hindi ko kilala si Wu Chun at sa tingin ko, hindi rin nanainisin ng ibang mga guys na makilala ang artistang iyon. Pero ang masasabi ko lang, fave actor ni Tere Si Wu Chun. But we don’t care about him, because right now, we want to know more about Tere.

Student ng John Paul Integrated Montessori School of Jalajala si Maria Therese Bassig. Isa siya sa prettiest students ng JPIMS pero she’s not all beauty dahil fave book nya ang mga science and math books. Syempre, kasama na dun ang mga books about ghost stories kahit pa madaling matakot si Tere.

She’s also a music lover. Marami syang favorite songs and she loves listening to them. She also likes watching movies and TV and syempre, surfing the net where usually, she can be seen google-ing Wu Chun.

But that is not all there is to this young lady. She has a soft spot for her relatives too, specially her cousins, her aunts and uncles, and her beloved lola. At kung magkakasama sila, you can expect picture galore as she loves taking their pictures.

Now you know a little bit more about this girl but I bet you wanted to know more, do you? Yeah, I thought so.

If I were you, I will also try to know more abou this Wu Chun guy para malay mo, swerte mong makakwentuhan si Tere and di ba mas okay if you have some things in common? That’s right, open your internet explorer and search for stuff about Wu Chun. Then pray to the gods that you, one day, get to talk to Tere.

Good luck boy…